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Both Sara and Simon offer divination using a variety of methods.  All of our divinations are available in-person in Pittsburgh, or via video-conference.  To investigate a single brief question, we offer a twenty minute reading for $45 .  For longer questions, or more complicated situations, our consultation rate is $100 per hour , billed in 10 minute increments, with a one hour minimum.  Consults include both divination and targeted advice to determine your next step.  

Sara’s divinatory specialty is oracular prophecy, a kind of trance divination.  According to Sara- “While acting as an oracle, I go into a trance and ask guiding spirits for their prophecy and advice.  While the spirits I most often work with are Hermes, Hekate, Phoebe, Ereshkigal, Arbatel (an angel of revelation), and the Peacock Angel, a wide variety of other spirits often show up for clients.  You can also request a spirit, and I will do my best to establish a connection, but I cannot guarantee it will work.  

Simon's divanatory speciality is cartomancy, which he does with a number of spirits on hand to help solve any revealed problems.  Simon says, “Tarot is a book without beginning or end with which we can examIne relevant influences and engineer our own elemental twists and turns. To this end I employ a personal goetia of remediating spirits attached to each of the 52 playing cards, and I will teach you how to work with any of them, for a price.”
Dream Interpretation
In the tradition of diviners and magicians of all ages, Mastros & Zealot are pleased to offer dream interpretation services .  Send us a brief written description of your dream, and we'll offer written insights into its meaning, and make recommendations for any further dream or magical work you might want to do.  For more detailed analysis, book a consultation.

Witch's Weekend Hermitage
For select clients, Mastros & Zealot offers individual weekend intensives at the Pittsburgh Witch House.  We'll work together to develeop a full weekend of learning, ritual, divination, and magic to kickstart your practice, or help you develop a new one.  While everyone's weekend will be different, most typically guests arrive Friday evening, take a magical bath, and then have a Tai Chi class or Guided Meditation, followed by their first prophecy session, to discover some tutelory spirits   After the prophecy, there's some time to talk, and then it's off to bed.

After brunch, Saturday is a full day of prophecy, ritual, initiation and learning suited to your individual needs.  Most people on hermitage like to intersperse periods of private time to journal or paint, as well as meditation, and ritual throughout the day.  Your hermitage can include as much alone time as you'd like, balanced with one-on-one learning, consultation, and magic.  On Saturday night, most clients choose an initatory ritual to seal their learning and solidify their commitement to their new practices.  

Sunday, after a hearty breakfast, we'll work some final magic and divinations to plan the way forward, followed by a closing ritual.  Depending on your travel arrangements, most people leave Sunday afternoon.

A typical weekend hermitages includes two days and nights of room and board, as well as a full schedule (agreed in advance) of lessons, magic, divination, and consultation for aproximately $1000, but your hermitage can be tailored just to you.